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Wicking Bed Liner: Small Size


Our VEG food grade heavy-duty wicking bed liner.

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Product listing shows the discounted online-only price. A further 10% discount applies when buying 2 – 4 wicking bed kits or liners, and 20% with orders of 5 or more.

Our heavy-duty wicking bed liner is laboratory-certified (in independent laboratories in both Australia and the USA) to be safe for containing drinking water. It is the best liner we have seen and will not leach nasties into your veggie garden as well as being almost impossible to accidentally pierce during installation. Councils across Australia use this  product to line community drinking water reservoirs for good reason!

This fits beds up to:

  • 1.6m long x 0.8m wide at 60cm high
  • or, 2m long x 1.2m wide at 40cm high

*the actual liner piece is 2.66m x 1.80m


  • Water potable food grade heavy duty plastic liner

Suits raised timber beds of 40-60cm high, of the dimensions above.

Note that you will need to:

  • make an 35mm hole through the side of your bed for the plumbing assembly to pass through (for timber beds the best tool is a hole saw attachment for your drill).
  • separately acquire the:
    • screenings (stones) for the reservoir
    • soil (we’ll give you tips on ordering good material)
    • Some geotextile fabric to keep soil and water reservoir separate
    • A wicking bed plumbing assembly

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 25 cm

2m, 2.1m


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