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Do we do our food-grade liner in custom sizes? Yes! We certainly do. Enter the internal dimensions of your veggie bed below, and our handy calculator will do the rest.

This is the 10% discounted online-only price. A further 10% discount applies when buying 2 or more wicking bed kits or liners, and 20% with orders of 5 or more.

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Do we do our food-grade liner and wicking bed kits in custom sizes? Yes! We certainly do.

We can cut to almost any size: your maximum dimension on one side is 3.76m; the other dimension can be anything up to just over half a kilometre…


  • Water potable food grade heavy duty plastic liner

And, if you choose the Wicking Kit option:

  • Geotextile fabric to keep soil and water reservoir separate.
  • Our wicking bed plumbing assembly
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions (written and video)

Note that you will need to:

  • make an 35mm hole through the side of your bed for the plumbing assembly to pass through (for timber beds the best tool is a hole saw attachment for your drill).
  • acquire the screenings (stones) for the reservoir, and soil (we’ll give you tips on ordering good material).


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