Custom Sized Conversion Kit or Liner

This is the 10% discounted online-only price. A further 10% discount will appear in the cart when you buy 2 or more wicking bed kits or liners, and a 20% discount will apply with orders of 5 or more. :)


Do we do our food-grade liner and wicking bed kits in custom sizes? Yes! We certainly do.

We can cut to almost any size: your maximum dimension on one side is 3.76m; the other dimension can be anything up to just over half a kilometre…

When you’re after a custom liner quote, be sure to include the height of your bed/box/apparatus-to-be-wicked as well as the length and width. We can calculate the size you’ll need from that recipe, and let you know the cost. Just fill in your contact details and bed specs in the form below.

A custom liner order includes:

  • Water potable food grade heavy duty plastic liner

Let us know if you’d also like the to choose the Wicking Kit option, which includes:

  • Geotextile fabric to keep soil and water reservoir separate.
  • Our wicking bed plumbing assembly
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions (written and online videos)

VEG Wicking Beds: Intro and kit contents from VEG Wicking Beds on Vimeo.

Note that you will need to:

  • make an 35mm hole through the side of your bed for the plumbing assembly to pass through (for timber beds the best tool is a hole saw attachment for your drill).
  • acquire the screenings (stones) for the reservoir, and soil (we can give you tips on ordering good material).

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