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Welcome to the magical world of wicking beds, where your plants practically water themselves and your garden bounty becomes the envy of the neighbourhood.

Mother and baby picking vegetables.

It’s likely the reason you are here is because you have been curious about a better way to garden. Perhaps you have discovered that there are many how-to guides popping up when you do a search and if you have been brave and ventured onto any wicking bed public forums lately you will soon learn that it’s the wild west when it comes to DIY setups. 

Our helpful guide leans into more than a decade’s worth of insights, tips, tricks, and proven techniques straight from the VEG team, seasoned veterans of wicking bed building, installation, and usage around the city of Melbourne.

Inside you will find

  • What is a wicking bed? 
  • How Does it work?
  • Why choose wicking beds? 
  • Setting up your wicking bed: step by step and top tips.
  • Choosing the right plants for your wicking bed. 

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