Here we celebrate our clients’ wicking bed installations, successes and evolutions – we love seeing how people do wicking beds their way!


Yvonne and Lawrie:
Attached are some pix I took as our wicking bed took shape.  Hope they all travel safely to you.
Because of the fierce sun we get up here, we have put shade cloth over the top and partly on the sides.  The side ones slide up and down and the ones forming the “roof” also slide and can be tied back (when we have a storm).  Also, battling caterpillar on the lettuce – will get some garlic and chilli spray which apparently is quite effective and totally ok to use on veges.  The tomato plant has almost doubled in height and there is quite a bit of fruit on it. What do you think of our efforts?  We think it looks quite good – it’s just gotta do the job for us now …” **we let Y and L know we think it’s an excellent effort and love the hanging herbs!

img_0176 img_0230 img_0234 img_0235 left-end-resized right-end-resized front-on-resized



Thought I would share my latest wicking bed. Prob seriously over engineered and I am still paranoid that I didn’t leave the silicon long enough but I have the first plant in – a dwarf apricot! Thanks for your YouTubes.” **we checked in with Sandra and she had done the silicon just right – no leaks! She also sent us this little update: “…the apricot had to be relocated and instead it is full steam ahead with black Crimea tomatoes and borlotti beans.  ”
img_0154 img_0157 img_0158 

and one more update during a very hot January:

…thought you would like these update photos of my beds, they have really come on since you posted the last photo – I now have two established and just set up a third. Tomatoes, warrigal greens, beetroot and chard & emerging sweet corn are going great guns. 

This is a really hot and difficult spot so clearly your design rocks. It is the third day of 35C in sunny Perth today.”

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