Do you offer “click & collect” pick up from your warehouse?

Yes. You can pick your order up for free from our warehouse and workshop in Brunswick (Melbourne), Victoria. Our secure collection area is open all days and even after hours. Select the Warehouse Pickup option at checkout and we will let you know when your order is ready to pick up and the address details.  […]

Are you installing your wicking beds during COVID lockdown?

In most cases yes. During the strictest of the lockdowns, we may pull back from installing our wicking and non-wicking garden beds at occupied residential properties in line with the government health directives. Get in touch to find out.

What makes your timber veggie beds so special?

Our timber veggie beds are beautiful, natural, sustainable and made to last. They’re the kind that you install when your children are born and you’ll still be growing food in them together 20 years later. You can also install them in your garden and disassemble and take them with you when you move. They’re truly […]

Is your timber treated?

No. Golden cypress contains natural oils that make it resistant to rotting, borers and termites, so no chemical treatment is needed. This means no toxic chemicals leaching into your soil or food.

How long will my timber veggie bed last?

Around 10-25 years. Golden cypress timber heartwood can achieve an estimated 10-15 year life span with ground contact, and upwards of 15-25 years when not in contact with the ground but still exposed to full weather elements. Find out more about our timber here.

What are wicking beds and why do I want one?

Wicking beds are a revolutionary way of watering your edible garden from the bottom instead of the top. They contain a water reservoir under the soil layer and through capillary action the moister rises up into the soil just like a paper towel dangled into a glass of water. This will help you save time […]

What does and doesn’t grow well in a wicking bed?

Firstly, wicking beds are best suited to veggies.  Most veggies do better in wicking beds because of the low stress, constant moisture. Some root crops, like garlic, might be prone to rot in these conditions, however, we’ve not had problems! And your daikon radish might not develop to full size due to the shallow (generally […]

What areas do you install your wicking beds?

Our installation service covers most of the Melbourne metropolitan region and sometimes a little beyond. But it’s not quite that simple. Sometimes the demand for our products and services gets quite high and as we a big fans of reducing our carbon emissions and ecological footprint, our service area can shrink down to focus more […]

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