Is your wicking bed liner recyclable?

Yes. Our wicking bed liner is recyclable at the end of its useful life (code 5 – PP). In most parts of Australia you can take this type of soft plastic to large supermarkets to be recycled with plastic bags.

Is your wicking bed liner non toxic?

Yes. Our heavy-duty wicking bed liner is laboratory-certified (in independent laboratories in both Australia and the USA) to be safe for containing drinking water. It is the best liner we have seen and it will not leach nasties into your veggie garden, coupled with being almost impossible to accidentally pierce during installation. Councils across Australia […]

How long does your wicking bed liner last?

Our wicking bed liner will last at least 10 years in a wicking bed, but likely 15-20 years. It is flexible yet strong with very high puncture resistance. It is also used on large scale civil and commercial projects so you know it’s good.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Our products are all made to order and the processing time depends on how many orders we are currently processing. In general, delivery can take from a few days for DIY wicking kits to a couple of weeks for timber kit set beds. When you place an online order we will send you an email […]

What should I plant in my timber veggie bed?

All of our products come with the Very Edible Gardens veggie bed owners manual that includes loads of organic gardening hints and tips on garden design, what to plant when, crop rotation, mulching, organic pest and weed control, harvesting and more. We want to make sure that you have everything you need to make your […]

I live outside of greater Melbourne, how can I get your products and services?

We post all of our wicking bed liners and kits Australia wide using our favourite carbon neutral courier company Sendle. Unfortunately, we like to keep our timber veggie beds local as the costs and carbon footprint tend to make it harder to justify sending them outside of the greater Melbourne area. We recommend talking with […]

Can you deliver your timber veggie beds to me and how much does it cost?

If you live in the greater Melbourne area the answer is probably yes.  Find out where we can deliver our timber veggie beds and how much it costs here. For locations outside of greater Melbourne, it’s best to get in touch. You can also organise your own courier to pick up orders from our Brunswick […]

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