Based in Brunswick, our dear warehouse serves as VEG’s headquarters, woodworking room and mega-liner storage facility—all-in-one. It’s also the venue for many of our talks, meetings and other VEG-related activities.

Trading Hours (ahhh… which we don’t really have…)

While we offer order collections from our space, we don’t run as a retail outlet. We’re quite often out and about in the world, so it’s best to make contact before dropping by. Appointments are typically held during business hours, though we can be a bit flexible.

We do have some working wicking beds examples onsite and usually have all the parts to build one, but it’s really best to let us know beforehand what you’re after and when might suit you to come by, along with any questions you may have.

Feel free to drop us a line any time and we’ll be in touch!

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