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Our online shop has a range of solutions to help you grow more vegetables using less water.

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How does it work?

an upside down watering can

It’s the gravity-defying power of capillary action that makes wicking beds so special. It’s upside down watering! Watch the video to find out more…

Our systems are a little bit special. Why?

jeremy fills a wicking bed

Water-efficient, sustainable solutions

Gardening in wicking beds is easy as they require less water, less often than conventional garden systems.

Some veggie beds being converted to wicking with our heavy duty, non toxic, potable water safe liners.

Drinking water safe heavy-duty wicking bed liners

This type of liner is only available through Very Edible Gardens.

cypress trees at sunset

Ethically sourced, untreated local timber

Our timber products are built using end of life, ethical and sustainably harvested golden cypress. 

Carbon neutral shipping Australia wide

We use Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service.

About VEG Wicking Beds

Based in Melbourne, Australia, our team of friendly edible gardeners have been creating beautiful, sustainable, abundant gardens since 2009. You can check out some of our other goings on over at the main Very Edible Gardens website.

Wicking Beds by Very Edible Gardens operates out of our warehouse and workshop in the inner northern suburb of Brunswick. From there we send out our wicking bed DIY kits Australia wide as well as operate our 24-hour contactless pickup area for all products including our timber kitset beds.

Who have we worked with?

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