Thanks to all of our Very Edible Gardens and VEG Wicking Beds supporters, customers, friends and colleagues who have joined us on this this crazy ride that has been 2020!

We have weathered the storm so far and have assisted so many people on their garden journeys over the last 12 months by helping to increase their home food production in an ethical and sustainable way.

VEG Wicking Beds and Very Edible Gardens will continue to grow, thrive and nurture the good things in life in the coming year. Stay tuned for new products and services!

Xmas processing times and trading conditions.

We will be slowing down production over the next couple of weeks to give the team a well earned break but never fear we will still be keeping an eye on those online orders and getting them out as soon as we can. See our xmas trading conditions below.

Online Orders

From December 24th to January 10th all wicking kit, liner and timber kit set beds. 7-10 working days + shipping.

Wicking Bed Installs

Our current wait time for installed wicking beds is 5 – 7 weeks.


All about VEG Wicking Beds

A few VEG wicking bed examples

Wicking beds are a revolutionary way of watering. They help you save time and water, while producing lush, healthy, and unstressed veggies regardless of the heat of the season.

Getting it right can be technical and tricky though. After years installing hundreds of wicking beds at home and professionally, we now offer our foolproof wicking bed conversion kits and instructional materials to the public.

Our wicking beds use heavy duty food-grade plastic liner which is good for your health and resilient against leaks. We also use the overflow and drainage system of our own invention which is now becoming an industry standard.

Along with free instructions and advice based on years of experience and many hundreds of wicking beds, we sell:

We wish you well in your wicking bed adventures, and we hope you find something of use on this site!

About Us

Jeremy, Brendon, Adam and Dan

Very Edible Gardens (VEG) is a permaculture design, education and gardening company in Melbourne Australia directed by Dan Palmer and Adam Grubb, pictured above with the VEG Wicking Bed managers Jeremy and Brendon.

While we created this site to focus on our wicking bed offerings, you can check out our popular courses and other offerings over at the main VEG website.